Chace Crawford video

To get to know Chace more as an actor, we should look into his filmography list. Chace Crawford movie career begun in 2006 with him starring in a movie Long Lost Son, alongside Gabrielle Anwar.

That same year he played one of the leading male roles in horror movie The Covenant.

While filming episodes of gossip girl Chace Crawfords filmography accessed with some new plays in 2008. In movie Loaded.

He played subordinate role and in the horror movie The haunting of Molly Hartley his role was the same as in the most Chase Crawford films as hot school boy, that gets involved in a romance and easily gets into trouble.

Later on during years of 2008-2010 Chace Crawfords movie list took a break, instead he invoiced some cartoon characters in Robot chicken, Family guy and Cavalcade of cartoon comedy.

Twelve – movie that was released in 2010 about NYC teenager’s life drama, drugs and parties was closest role to Nate from GG of all characters in Chace Crawfords movies list.

In 2011 Chase Crawford filmographies list extended with great romantic comedy genre movie Love, Peace, & misunderstanding, where he portrayed another young handsome boy and played together with great actors such as Jane Fonda and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. This Movie of all Movies with Chace Crawford was like fresh wave in his career.

2012 was another break thorough regarding Chase Crawford movie list. In movie ‘What to expect when you are expecting’ Chace played minor role, but alongside one of the most popular co-star actors as Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, Elizabeth Banks and Matthew Morrison. It’s a comic movie about how different men and woman perspectives in raising a baby and all other baby expecting troubles can be.

In the nearest couple of years Chase Crawford movies will reach their peak as whole five new movie productions are waiting in the line for their release.

Undrafted, Mountain man, Eloise, Untitled Warren Beatty Project and Relative strangers staring Chace are here to come, and we are more than excited to see a great movie Chace Crawford starring with.