About Chace Crawford

Chace Crawford family

Chace Crawford family

From quite long and impressive Chace Crawfords movie list and his remarkable success in television career we can say that he was born under a lucky star. Indeed, let’s take a quick tour into his early life. We have no doubts you will be interested to find answers to questions like “How old and how tall is Chace Crawford” or “Does Chace Crawford smoke”.

Chace Crawford is of age 29 and he was born on 1985, his birthday is July 18. Chace Crawford’s biography says that his hometown is Lubbock, Texas where he and his family lived for some time, later they moved to Plano, in Dallas. Chace Crawford’s family consists of four members; his parents are good and loving people. Chace’s mother works as a teacher and his father is dermatologist. Chace Crawford also has a sister, there is is no surprise, that she is a former beauty queen and works as a model. Young actor graduated from Trinity Christian Academy. While Chace Crawford was in high school, he worked at A&F store and as a model for Hollister.

Here are some interesting Chace Crawfords bio facts:

  • He attended Pepperdine University, but after a long talk with his mother, who examined his personality’s type and suggested that acting career would suit him better than marketing or journalism, Chace decided to drop out of University after few semesters to start his acting career.
  • Another interesting fact is that young actor worked as a model and even as a car valet to get some extra money while studying acting.
  • Also as a child Chace was diagnosed with ADD – Attention Disorder Disease. At least now we shouldn’t be worried about that, he gets enough attention these days.
  • Chace had braces when he was 10 years old and he conciders it as the worst time of his life.
  • Chace loves home cooked meal better than restaurants and he knows well how to cook, but he hates doing the dishes.
  • Even at school he was nominated as a best wearing guy, which was weird to him, as everybody wore school uniforms back these days.
  • He had his first kiss in 5th grade.
  • And you would be very lucky to hear Chace Crawford singing, because they say he is very good at doing Karaoke.
  • Oh and also, he is 183 cm tall and yes, he does smoke, which almost got him arrested.
Chace Crawford smoking

Chace Crawford smoking

Chace Crawford not only has an interesting career, love life, but his personal life is also far from dull.